Sifu’s photo mode is a thing of beauty

Sifu's photo mode is a thing of beauty

Sifu’s photo mode is a thing of beauty

The photo mode is one of the most important innovations in gaming. Photo mode was initially introduced to allow players to explore the in-game world at their own pace. It is now a bullet point on the box level feature. It has become an integral part of all new games, and few are as stunning as Sifu.

The photo mode is extremely easy to access. All the player has to do to take digital photos of kung fu guys slapping food is press down on the D-pad. It’s much easier to capture candid gameplay moments like you smacking someone in the head or kneeing them.

Sifu’s photo mode is not the most feature-rich. While Sifu’s photo modes are more extensive than those found in Spider-Man or Ghost of Tsushima, there is still a charm to the minimalistic approach. The beauty of the game’s photos is not lost by putting stickers and spotlights all over them. It’s just one person’s quest through goons.

Sifu is an amazing game, whether it’s the beautiful art style or the fluidity of the Pak Mei Martial Arts that the protagonist uses with such terrifying force, Each frame feels like it’s taken straight from a movie still, or painting. However, it can be hard to appreciate the subtleties of the levels and animations when you are experiencing 60 frames per second.

Sifu’s photo mode allows you to slow down and enjoy these moments. However, there wouldn’t be nearly as many moments to capture if Sifu’s art direction weren’t so great. Many levels feel lifted from or inspired by the best moments in martial arts cinema. The first level is a mixture of Oldboy and The Raid. However, other levels draw inspiration from John Wick, Bruce Lee films and The Protector. These toys are free for you to play with, so you can’t resist snapping lots of photos.

The training area of Sifu is the best example of this minimalist design. The area can be accessed from the player’s dojo/home by interfacing with the wooden dummy. It allows you to practice your moves on artificial intelligence to your heart’s content. However, the entire area is bathed with this beautiful shade of red. You will be amazed at the beauty of Sifu and every moment you capture.


Sifu’s photo mode is a thing of beauty
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