The Warframe Peculiar Audience MOD is a Laughing Matter

The Warframe Peculiar Audience MOD is a Laughing Matter

The Warframe Peculiar Audience MOD is a Laughing Matter

The Warframe Peculiar Audience MOD is a Laughing Matter

The Warframe Peculiar Audience Mod has managed to get into the stock of Baro Ki’Teer, Void Trader. It was perhaps to “celebrate the Cross Platform inventory synchron event,” a notable update to Warframe’s best mods. Baro used to have different inventories on the PC and console. Console players were essentially left behind for a few weeks. This is no longer true. Everyone can now enjoy a Peculiar Audience.

Although “Enjoy” may sound intense, it is a good word. This item isn’t doing much at the moment. It doesn’t seem to do much, at least not in the sense that anyone has been able. The item description states that killing an enemy has a 60% chance of amusing a Void entity. Cooldown: 30 seconds. The mod has a wiggly, ethereal nature that distinguishes it from other rare mods in the Void Trader’s inventory.

This entity could be mistaken for The Man in the Wall, a significant figure in Warframe history who played an essential role in The New War campaign. This winter, the game will be even more Voidy, with Duviri Paradox extensions building on the foundations laid by that expansion.

The peculiar Audience seems to have nothing to do with men and walls. It’s instead tied to another familiar face, per a recent update. Skittergirl.

Skittergirl, a ghostly evil, appears only when Void Cascade missions are completed on the Zariman (a giant floating spaceship that is part of the game’s newest playable areas). She appears to steal your stuff, just like the little potion goblins of Golden Axe for Sega Genesis. Everyone understands this reference.

Skittergirl can be defeated to take your stuff back, just like the little freaks. You can do it again. The transparent child smiles at you all the time, no matter how many weapons fire you throw at her. The peculiar Audience recreates this experience. She laughs at you when you kill an opponent.

Why…? I don’t know. It doesn’t appear to be capable of doing anything else. Someone is probably scratching their head trying to figure out what the lore might mean. This is just a silly bit of fun, however. 250 Orokin Ducats and 20″,000 “redits creditsquired to purchase this “goofy” fun. This is a “very high price for what appears “appears the “Grunt Birthday Party Easter Egg” from Halo.

We may never know, but who knows? We may not be aware of any other functions the item might have. It is a Warframe Exilus Mod, meaning that it theoretically takes up only a slotIt’sally reserved for quality-of-life gear. It’s a mod that allows loot to appear on your minimap.

A peculiar Audience is a mod that takes up seven Capacity points at max level. This makes it one of the most efficient mods in the game. There is still plenty of you’reto keep your character built, even if you’re making a joke about it. It is a joke, not an extraordinary hint.

Haven hasn’t believed it accurate that we haven’t seen the ensouled wouldn’tVoid Mods? Digital Extremes wouldndidn’ther would make an original effect if they didn’t intend to use it more. Future gear may have a noticeable effect or bit’sreit’snt to gameplay. At th, atmenit’st’s a cosmetic. This is a cosmetic, but it’s something you can consider.

Extreme’sr: In 2020, Tencent bought Digital Extreme’s parent firm, Fanbyte Media. Tencent does not have any direct contact with Fanbyte editorial. These disclaimers are still written because I believe it is the right thing.

The Warframe Peculiar Audience MOD is a Laughing Matter
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