Assassins Creed 1 Download for Android & IOS

Assassins Creed 1 Download for Android & IOS

Assassins Creed 1 Download for Android & IOS

Assassins Creed 1 Download for Android & IOS

Assassin’s Creed I Overview

It is an adventure-action game. Ubisoft Montreal developed it for Microsoft Windows. This game was published by Ubisoft on 13 th of November 2007. The first in the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

The game takes place during the Third Crusade. It is mainly about two large factions fighting against one another. Among them are the Templars and Assassins. The game’s history is much closer to that of the assassins. According to some, they are a branch of Shiite Islam.

You play as a man from the modern age named Desmond Miles in this game. A machine called “The Animus”, used by an organization allows Desmond the ability to view and control memories from his ancestors. These memories can be altered by him. This game shows his ancestor Altair ibn-La’Ahad. This game is about the mysterious “Piece of Eden”, a mysterious relic.

The game Assassin’s Creed 1, is a world-exploring open-world adventure. Altair is given missions by Al Mualim, the leader of assassins. Assassinating Templars of high profile is the main objective. This game also includes side missions such as interrogation, eavesdropping, and pickpocketing.


Many behaviors are introduced, both on an individual and a communal level. The health of the player can be seen in the synchronization of Altair’s and Desmond’s memories. This game is a classic and a trendsetter of its time.

Features of Assassin’s Creed 1.

Here are some of the most essential features that you can experience with Assassin’s Creed 1, after your first installation on Windows.

  • Play this exciting action-adventure game.
  • The story is set in the Third Crusade era.
  • Open-world exploring the game.
  • Assassinate Templars.
  • Included are side missions such as pickpocketing, interrogation, and listening in.
  • The trend-setting game for the modern age.
  • Amazing graphics.


Assassins Creed 1 Download for Android & IOS



Assassins Creed 1 Download for Android & IOS
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